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Poppadom                         £0.75

Spicy Poppadom              £0.75

Pidde Tray                          £1.95

Served with a variety of chutney

Chana Chaat / D                            £4.95

Triangular puffed pastry fried with potatoes & peas served with chutney & yoghurt

Samosa Chaat /                        £4.95

Base of chopped up samosa filled with spicy potatoes & curry chick peas with sweet yoghurt & sauce

Aloo Tikki Chaat /                     £4.95

Marinated potatoes with spicy, salty, sweet & sour flavours of mint, chillies, coriander & chat masala

Papri Chaat / D                             £4.95

Crispy pastry with chickpeas, potatoes with tamarind sauce topped with yoghurt & spices

Bhelpuri / N                                   £4.95

Puffed rice mixed with service peanuts, potatoes, onions & tamarind sauce

Dahi Puri / D                                  £4.95

Crispy wheat shells serveed with chickpeas, potatoes topped up with yoghurt & sweet spices


Chari Puri /                                    £4.95

Chickpeas cooked in a masala sauce & served on a crispy puri

Golgappe /                                     £4.95

Panipuri, crispy wheat shells served with chickpeas, potatoes & tamarind water 

Vegetable Pakora /                       £4.95

Crisp golden potato, cauliflower, spinach & onion bites
cooked with a selection of spices in a gram flour butter

 Vegetable Spring Roll / G            £4.95

Deep fried crispy spring roll stuffed with seasonal

Vegetable Samosa /                    £4.95

Deep fried crispy samosa stuffed with seasonal vegetables

Onion Bhaji / D G                            £4.95

Fresh pieces of onions, marinated in our special batter
& deep fried

Beetroot Tikki                                  £4.95

Beetroot tikki is a delicious combination of beetroot, potatoes,
cauliflower & spices

Bombay Aloo / D                              £4.95

Baby potatoes in mild sauce

Hara Bhara Kebab / D                     £4.95

Spicy lentil & spinach patties, a speciality
of uttar Pradesh


Veg Chow Mein S                                       £4.95

Traditional hakka style  of quick stir fry noodles with mixed shredded vegetables

Garlic Mushrooms / S                                 £4.95

Fresh mushrooms cooked in a masala sauce with onions & peppers

Chilli Mushrooms / S                                  £4.95

Fresh mushrooms cooked in a Chinese sweet sauce with onions & peppers

Paneer Tikka / D                                           £5.95

Marinated cottage cheese pieces in spices & grilled in tandoor

Paneer Pakora                                      £5.95

Cottage cheese with spices & deep fried

Chilli Paneer / D S                                        £6.95

Popular indo Chinese dish of cottage cheese with sweet & sour cream

Red Pepper Paneer Tikka / D                     £6.95

Chunks of cottage cheese filled with tangy mint & green herbs smeared with spiced yoghurt & grilled golden in the tandoor

Veg Sharing Platter D                               £11.95

Spring roll, pakora, aloo tikki, paneer tikki, hara bhara kebab

I. Veg Sharing Platter D                           £19.95

2x spring roll, pakora, aloo tikki, paneer tikki, hara bhara kebab